Acasă Articole RTR Nicoleta Cliveţ, Ion Pop şi „vocile inconfundabile” ale poeziei

Nicoleta Cliveţ, Ion Pop şi „vocile inconfundabile” ale poeziei


Ion Pop and “the unmistakable voices” of poetry

Ion Pop professes a type of literary criticism which is particularly interested in the “profound sensibility”, in the “unmistakable voice” of a writer, and this makes him an allied of the interpretative techniques of the . The focus on the existentialist core of literature has naturally led him towards a thematist lecture, the critic being constantly able to resonate with the literary text and to suffer from the contamination of the text. Ion Pop’s critical concept incorporates suggestions from Starobinski’s “critical trajectory” especially through the implying axiological judgement and ”the significant coherence”, through the synthetic interpretation of some of the most protean writers. Having a fundamentally modernist sensibility which organises the discourse around concepts as “vital engagement” or “profound existential significance”, Ion Pop has written about a series of poets, from vanguardists to the generation “two thousand”, his attention centred, on one hand, explicitly, on the binomial “literature – existence” and, on the other hand, implicitly, on the “elegiac background” of the literature he analyses. Having such expectations, the happiest encounter could only be the one with the poetry of the 60’s and than with the poetry of the Equinox. The Generation of the 80s gives the critic intellectual satisfaction, while the “generation two thousands” writers are met with serious reserves, caused by their noise and fury, by their excessive hedonism and nihilism, by their epidermal and visceral neo-expressionism.
Keywords: contemporary Romanian literature, literary criticism, existential dimension, thematism, critical trajectory,
modernism, (neo)avanguard, synthetic vision

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