Acasă Articole RTR Narațiune și interacțiune: preliminarii teoretice comparate

Narațiune și interacțiune: preliminarii teoretice comparate


Narrative and Interaction: Comparative Theoretical Preliminaries

Abstract: The present study aims to put forward a state of the art regarding interaction in narratives, providing a blueprint for further analysis of the phenomenon in Romania. It starts by taking into account in a comparative manner the “popular” definitions of narrative and how these might affect the general reception of narratives in various cultural spaces, comparing the Anglo-American tradition to the Romanian one. It then proceeds to identify and correlate different theories of interaction in narrative, focusing on models by Janet Murray, Jan van Dijk and Eric Zimmerman.

Keywords: narrative, narrative theory, narrative and interaction, interactive narrative, comparative theory.

Citation suggestion: Pojoga, Vlad. “Narațiune și interacțiune: preliminarii teoretice comparate.” Transilvania, no. 11-12 (2021): 53-58.