Acasă Articole RTR Mutația stilistică a lui Tudor Vianu

Mutația stilistică a lui Tudor Vianu


Tudor Vianu’s stylistic mutation

The present study analyzes the factors and conditions, both theoretical and institutional, of Tudor Vianu’s focalization upon stylistics during the 50s. Our main argument is that Vianu’s „stylistic mutation” was not produced by a logical evolution of his thought, but rather triggered, within the political-cultural climate of Socialist Realism, by the lack of other intellectual options in the given context and the desire to provide certain de-ideologized grounds for our literary history. The study also explores the impact and consequences of the Romanian postwar „school of stylistics” and points out the strategic alliance Vianu bridged, in this respect, between literary studies and linguistics.

Keywords: aesthetics, literary stylistics, linguistics, Socialist Realism, formalism

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