Acasă Articole RTR Moving Words About Moving Pictures in Andrei Gorzo and Mihai Iovănel’s Dialogue:...

Moving Words About Moving Pictures in Andrei Gorzo and Mihai Iovănel’s Dialogue: A Commentary


Abstract: In this commentary on Desene mișcătoare: Dialoguri despre critică și cinema [Moving Pictures: Dialogues about Criticism and Cinema], I aim to show that the series of dialogues between Andrei Gorzo and Mihai Iovănel can be considered as significantly more than a compilation of various discussions about their niche cinematic interests, and instead they offer a new approach to Romanian cinema and film criticism by entering it into conversations with its occidental counterparts, and consequently reposition it on the world stage. They weave together the works of greats from both traditions, shifting their discussion between Nae Caranfil and Quintin Tarantino, or Alex. Leo Şerban and Pauline Kael, among others, in order to contextualize the contribution of these figures to their corresponding timeframes as they each responded to different desiderata in media studies. This in turn leads the two authors to reassess these characters’ contemporary status (or lack thereof), as often divorced from their unquestionable relevance.


Keywords: moving pictures, film, Romanian cinema, literature




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