Acasă Articole RTR „Melopoetica” – limbajul poetic și muzical

„Melopoetica” – limbajul poetic și muzical


„Melopoetics” – the poetical and musical language

Starting from the premises that each language that is made up of a particular system of signs, has the purpose of communication among people or between man and Universe, we can talk about numerous artistic languages. In this study we focus on artistic communication achieved through poetic language and musical language.

The construction similarities between music and poetry are very obvious, both having rhythm, harmony and melody. This affinity is most obviously manifested in the genre called Lied, that actually represents a synthesis of the two art forms: music and poetry.

Frequently, composers associate certain motives, tonalities or modes to characters or poetic personas and by reprising or transforming these motives, tonalities or modes, they follow the changes that occur along the poem. Behind musical motives there is often the description and interpretation of poetic meanings and the melody also derives from the description of poetic elements.

Both literary and musical creation are governed by one idea, one message and the fusion between music and word represents a superior vision of thinking.

Keywords: poetry, music, lied, musical semantics, musical rhetoric

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