Acasă Articole RTR Mărturisirea vinovăţiei ca scriere a distanţei

Mărturisirea vinovăţiei ca scriere a distanţei


Confession of guilt as a writing of „distance”

Assuming the world, in its universalisation or customization, is the effect of culpable discourse, which reflects how much of the „weight” of its signification we are willing or forced to internalize. Responsibility also has a mechanism for ordering the universe around the importance of its own actions, but above all, it is an openness to a kind of continuity that the sense of guilt perpetually repels in us. Whether they play the ways of evaluation and their possibilities in the experimentation laboratory of fiction, or put the banal of the small mistakes in the discourse, trying to capture the nude life in the mechanism of power, whether it makes us confess the other one of us or testify for Forces beyond us that made us mistake, re-hierarchizing the universe, the concept of guilt is a strong one, giving us access to all those investments with significance of actions, but especially to the openings to the distances of that „beyond of himself”, written in the name of the atonement of some guilty. Thus, the present text proposes a perspective on guilt, as it appears in the history of thought in the West, in terms of the distance that this concept places between the subject and the possibility of judgment outside the event.

Keywords: guilt, responsibility, subjectivity, distance, otherness


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