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Acasă Articole RTR La poésie de la Shoah: démonstrations de solitude

La poésie de la Shoah: démonstrations de solitude


The Poetry of Shoah: Demonstrations of Solitude

The following study focuses on Holocaust poetry’s status with respect to the relation between the language and culture which represents the main issue when dealing with the Jewish poetry of the twentieth century. Holocaust poetry is based on authentic, original manifestations of common society experiences in that age. In all cases, this kind of new poetry used to be completely detached from older traditions. This is not a central characteristic of Holocaust poetry and Israeli culture in the first half of the last century, yet mystics seldom view themselves as standing in the middle of a culture. It is sufficient proof, however, to the fact that the varieties of Jewish mysticism expressed have not been exhausted. However, the poets of Holocaust were those who profoundly insert the trauma and confession in the subject of poetry. It was clear that they did not treat their personal problems of a poem lacking in depth, rather they talked about the silence of God, who was hiding His face when in contact with poetic interpellations.

Keywords: Holocaust poetry; Israeli culture; halutsim; trauma; poetic language.


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