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Acasă Articole RTR Jurnalismul constructiv și de soluții – avantaje, critici și dileme. Experiența românească:...

Jurnalismul constructiv și de soluții – avantaje, critici și dileme. Experiența românească: DoR


Constructive & Solutions Journalism – Pros, Criticisms and Dilemmas. The Romanian experience: DoR 

Abstract: The relationships between journalism and sustainability are seen as interdependent and mutually beneficial. On the one hand, sustainable development also includes a free, autonomous and strong press that can support itself economically, and on the other hand, responsible journalism brings the problems of the current world to the public and it can also involve experts to talk about the solutions possible to these issues, which generates a media discourse about sustainability and resilience now and in the future. The present paper examines the conceptualization of constructive journalism, interrogating, at the same time, its normative and societal role, as well as the resistance of this alternative direction, in the current context, marked by political instability and post-pandemic economic crisis. In Romania, the DoR experience, its course, but also the announced end of this journalistic project, shows the difficulties that constructive journalism encounters. 

Keywords: sustainable journalism, constructive journalism, solutions journalism, mainstream, alternative, media, sustainability, sustainable development, SDGs.



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