Acasă Articole RTR Despre felul de a fi scriitoare

Despre felul de a fi scriitoare


Being a woman writer

Accepting that most of debates about gender identity in the literary writing are still being dominated by prejudices, it is necessary to redefine some of the approaches of literary esthetic value from the point of view of those unique and precious sides that belong to artistic creativity, assumed as individuality. From this perspective, Mihaela Ursa’s book, Divanul scriitoarei, can be taken as a reference point in woman writer’s existence dilemma. In fact, the reader finds her out living between her literary condition and her private space, from which femininity rises, as an essence, in different aspects: as natural given, as textual instance, or, simply, as a way of being.
Keywords: woman writer’s condition, femininity, feminism, gender identity