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Acasă Articole RTR INTERVIU cu Otilia Hedeșan: Dincolo de Cornova la 1991

INTERVIU cu Otilia Hedeșan: Dincolo de Cornova la 1991


Interview with otilia hedeșan:beyond cornova in 1991

Abstract: The Students’ Society of Ethnology and Folklore from Romania organized field research in some villages belonging to the Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic between the 2nd and the 18th of August 1991. One of them was Cornova – the Moldavian village where the field research of the Sociological School from Bucharest had taken place in 1931. Although the Students’ Society revisited a famous field six decades after Gusti’s team, its work remained completely unknown for the academic community until now. Otilia Hedeșan has been present on this field as a young assistant of the Department of Ethnology of the West University of Timișoara. During an extended interview on google meet, on the 30th of October 2021, she recalled the research conducted in Cornova. The text resulted from our dialog recovers, in a subjective manner, the contexts of the research and evokes events in which a part of the villagers was involved. On the challenging new field, the young researcher was confronted with a series of experiences and real situation which made her learn, the hard way, some important lessons about the practice of anthropology in the post-socialist times.

Key words: Cornova, field research, folklore camps, history of Romanian ethnology.

Citation suggestion: Hedeșan, Otilia; Timoce-Mocanu, Cosmina. INTERVIU cu Otilia Hedeșan: Dincolo de Cornova la 1991”. Transilvania, no. 3(2022): 76-85.