Acasă Articole RTR Interdisciplinaritatea – o şansă de transfer a construcţiei identitare în romanele lui...

Interdisciplinaritatea – o şansă de transfer a construcţiei identitare în romanele lui Petru Popescu şi Jeffrey Eugenides


Interdisciplinarity – a chance of transfer of the identity construction in Petru Popescu and Jeffrey Eugenides’s novels

Interdisciplinarity, or the study of the interaction beween the diverse areas of academic investigation, became an area of study in itself, its conclusions and methods being constantly analysed and evaluated. This phenomenon has become one of the most significant in today’s society. Literature does not mean solely words on a page, but also its reception and the manner in which it is perceived. The social aspect and, implicitly, the interdisciplinarity between literature and sociology are visible in both authors’ works. In Petru Popescu’s case one can notice a social commitment from a political perspective, a commitment towards freedom of thought and expression. Jeffrey Eugenides’s literature has a social meaning concerning the individual’s freedom of choosing a destiny. He pleads for the acceptance of social segments that some still name „subcategories” or „niche”, whether one refers to sexual orientation or so-called intelectual, ethnical or cultural „outsiders”.

Keywords: Petru Popescu, Jeffry Eugenides, interdisciplinarity, literature, social, identity, novel


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