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Acasă Articole RTR Inter-imperiality: A Political Economy Reading

Inter-imperiality: A Political Economy Reading


Inter-imperiality: A Political Economy Reading

Abstract: The concepts of “creolization” and “inter-imperiality” proposed in Anca Parvulescu and Manuela Boatcă’s Creolizing the Modern are superb interventions in the study of society in Europe’s semi-peripheries. These concepts usefully complicate conventional readings in orthodox, decolonial and postcolonial studies at both the conceptual and methodological level. From a historically-minded political economy approach, the book is an opportunity to ask further questions about the scope of inter-imperiality in early 20th century Transylvania, the paucity of analysis of the British-managed Gold Standard finance in shaping the political economy of late Habsburg Transylvania and the ambiguous foundations of ethnic and class relations in this part of Europe.

Keywords: Transylvania, Habsburg Empire, Gold Standard, Saxons, Hungarians, Romanians

Citation suggestion: Ban, Cornel. “Inter-imperiality: A Political Economy Reading.” Transilvania, no. 10 (2022): 15-22.


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