Acasă Articole RTR Incunabulele din colecţiile Bibliotecii Metropolitane Bucureşti

Incunabulele din colecţiile Bibliotecii Metropolitane Bucureşti


Incunabula from the collections of the Bucharest Metropolitan Library

Recent researches carried out in the storehouses of different institutions holding heritage assets such as old books led to new conclusions with regard to redating or reidentifications of some old printings, more than once information correcting bibliographies and specialised catalogues. A particular case is the unstudied holdings, mostly due to absence of specialised staff or organizing issues.

This study proposes to bring new contributions on copies of old printings from the incunabular period existent on the territory of Romania. We have in view the collection of Nicolae Iorga Library, belonging to Bucharest Metropolitan Library, collection that comprises three incunabula unknown to specialised bibliography. We refer to titles launched by printing houses that functioned in Italy, in Venice at the end of the XVth century: Toma de Aquino, Summa contra gentiles (1480); Robertus Caracciolus, Opera (1490) and Gaietanus de Thienis, Expositio in Aristotelem (1493).

Keywords: incunabula, Italy, Venice, 15th century, Bucharest Metropolitan Library


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