Acasă Articole RTR În absenţa maeştrilor

În absenţa maeştrilor


In the Masters’ Absence

Nedumeriri (Uncertainties) is the title of Ovidiu Baron’s first collection of short stories, published this year at the InfoArt Media Publishing House from Sibiu. One of the main qualities of Baron’s prose is that, though visibly and convincingly young and authentic, it does not resemble any of the manners of his generational fellows; that is, it does not share the aesthetic ideal of “authenticism” of the so-called “generation 2000”. As a mater of fact, his elective masters, the authorities who might constitute his own “anxiety of influence”, are hardly traceable – they are not certainly the American beatnics, as for most of the other prose-writers of the “generation 2000”, but neither are they the Romanian post-war great writers such as Marin Preda or Ştefan Bănulescu. All in all, with all their slight uncertainties, Ovidiu Baron’s short stories introduce a new manner of the Romanian young prose.
Keywords: contemporary Romanian prose, Ovidiu Baron, Marin Preda, Ştefan Bănulescu


1. Ovidiu Baron, Nedumeriri, Editura InfoArt
Media, Sibiu, 2009, 223 p.