Acasă Articole RTR Iacob Brenduşian, un astrist blăjean, născut în Sătmar

Iacob Brenduşian, un astrist blăjean, născut în Sătmar


Iacob Brenduşian, a member of Astra’s Division from Blaj, born in Sătmar

Born in 1825 at Apa (Satu Mare County), Iacob Brenduşian is one of the personalities who stood out everywhere his steps took him. After graduating from the Pesta Philosophy Course, he followed the Oradea Law Academy. He published in „Diorile of Bihor”, the first almanac of the Reading Society of Oradea, the prose Camarzana, the first novel dedicated to the Country of Oaş. From 1861 to 1865 he was a fiscal comitatens and lawyer at Baia de Arieş. Afterwards, until the end of his life he was a lawyer of the archdiocese of the Greek-Catholic Metropolitan Church. He became a very wealthy man, in his office there were many lawyers who pleaded throughout Transylvania. Among them were Iuliu Maniu. He was part of the leadership of Astra’s Division from Blaj from the very beginning. His daughter Otilia, who studied the piano in Vienna, was married to composer Iacob Mureşianu. Iacob Brenduşian corresponded with Timotei Cipariu, Al. Papiu Ilarian. He died in 1900 in Blaj.

Keywords: Iacob Brenduşian, Diorile Bihorului, Country of Oaş, Blaj, the Mureşianu family, Greek-Catholic.