Acasă Articole RTR Hermeneutica autenticității optzeciste: accente ontologice ale scriiturii

Hermeneutica autenticității optzeciste: accente ontologice ale scriiturii


The Hermenentics of Authenticity in the 80s Generation:
Onthological Accents in Writing

The present paper aims to highlight the concept of authenticity as a core and first objective of the 80`s literary generation with an emphasis on the prosaic sector of the time. In a hermeneutic approach, the paper relies on the presentation of a “new authenticity” differently marked from the modernist approaches and which is reflected in the concrete plan of writing, whose ontological investment or interaction with the (i)mmediated reality is attributed to the experimental context, but especially to the textualist paradigm of the generation.

Keywords: authenticity, textualism, 80`s generation, writing, short prose


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