Acasă Articole RTR Hector Guimard et les catalogues industriels

Hector Guimard et les catalogues industriels


Hector Guimard and the industrial catalogues

The article discusses the steps of the activity and the results of Hector Guimard, representative of the Art Nouveau in France. It is one of the very first architects who invented the principle of distribution of architectural forms by catalogue. In the early 19th century already, the printed matter used to communicate plans, elevations, decorations or typical shapes. Guimard offers sales by catalogue items produced by the industry as well as the sale of the elements of cast iron, the drawing of which had been conceived by himself. He is also the author of the first Catalogue de fontes artistiques (Catalogue of artistic cast irons), published in 1907.

Keywords: Hector Guimard, Art nouveau, architectural shapes, catalogue, artistic cast irons


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