Acasă Articole RTR George Neagoe, Ştefan Aug. Doinaş: cronicar dramatic (1956-1957)

George Neagoe, Ştefan Aug. Doinaş: cronicar dramatic (1956-1957)


The paper is focused on studying the articles that Ştefan Aug. Doinas published in the “Teatrul” (“The Theatre”) revue between 1956 and 1957. The poet had composed a few dramatic chronicles before he was arrested and sentenced to a one year prison penalty. In that short interval, no one (excepting probably his colleagues) was aware that the writer signed also with his birth name: Ştefan Popa. Our main contribution is to reveal this unknown historical detail. Besides, we analyse the strategies the author used in his discourse.

Keywords: Ştefan Aug. Doinaş, Ştefan Popa, “The Theatre”, dramatic chronicles, Socialist Realism.

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