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Acasă Articole RTR Geografia romanului românesc (1901-1932): străinătatea

Geografia romanului românesc (1901-1932): străinătatea


The Geography of the Romanian Novel (1901-1932): Spaces from Abroad

This article charts the main cities mentioned in the Romanian novel published between 1901 and 1932 based on the corpus of novels created by the research project The Digital Museum of the Romanian Novel 1901-1932 (around 370 digitized novels). The main discoveries that our distant reading of the geography in these novels revealed are that the
planet is covered in the Romanian novel during the period in genre fiction (that has mentions of cities from Africa, Asia and South America), not in modernist highbrow literature, and that the dominance of Paris and Rome as spaces where the action takes place is atomized during this period by smaller cities in France and Italy. The article also
describes the relation between social mobility and geographical coverage in the epoch.

Keywords: Romanian literature, distant reading, geocriticism, literary geography, planetarity.


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