Acasă Articole RTR Figuri mitologice și călători în lumea de dincolo. Incursiune în universul credințelor...

Figuri mitologice și călători în lumea de dincolo. Incursiune în universul credințelor și basmelor românești


Mythological Images and Travelers to the Afterlife. Foray Into the Universe of Romanian Beliefs and Fairy Tales 

Abstract: The present article is based on information from the fields of cultural anthropology and folk literature. In the beginning, details about the main characteristics of the people with special powers are given. Then the features of Rohmans from the Romanian beliefs have been synthesized. Their image combines concrete data from the novel Alexandria with elements from the autochtonous cult of the ancestors. The way Romanians perceive Solomonians gathers components from several layers: mythical, religious and historical. The fairy tale characters who traveled to the other world are either helped by other beings with miraculous powers, or return to their world because they cannot overcome their mortal condition.

Key-words: ancient traditions, Rohmans, Solomonians, magical powers, fairy tales.

Citation suggestion: Oprișor, Carmen. “Figuri mitologice și călători în lumea de dincolo. Incursiune în universal credințelor și basmelor românești” Transilvania, no. 8 (2022): 42-49.



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