Acasă Articole RTR Ficționalizarea eului reflectată în Alte Culori de Orhan Pamuk

Ficționalizarea eului reflectată în Alte Culori de Orhan Pamuk


Fictionalization of the self reflected in “Other Colors” – Orhan Pamuk

The autobiographical genre allows the recounting of past experiences through a series of expressive “lens”,in other words, through the means of fiction. The aim of this article is to decode in “Other Colours” (1999), a volume of essays written by one of the most appreciated contemporary authors, Orhan Pamuk, the narrative identity that emerges by a fictionalization of the self. The autobiographical essay highlights certain significant views of the author, without displaying them entirely. The authenticity of the commented events isn’t as important as the meaning revealed through the process of debating and speculating that organizes the discourse. A questioning of the self related to a type of personal history, inevitably linked to the greater history, is placed in a narrative frame that successfully manages to transform a personal reflection in a universal matter.

Keywords: contemporary Turkish literature, Orhan Pamuk, self, fictionalization, narrative identity, alterity


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