Acasă Articole RTR Ezio Mestrovich, “O vară la Fiume”

Ezio Mestrovich, “O vară la Fiume”


Ezio Mestrovich, “A summer in Fiume”

Ezio Mestrovich was one of the most important Istrian writers, perhaps even the most important, and his noel entited “A summer in Fiume” still remains a social and historical depiction of Post-War and Communist Istria. His book could be seen as a strong and explicit proof of high sensibility, with an indepengible touch of humanity, as his literary technique and craftmanship are not used in order to develop a narrative accusation of the ideologies finally leading to the war, but, quite on the contrary, manage to elaborate an intricate epic filled with tenderness and human undersanding.
Keywords: Istria, Jugoslavia, Communist Era; common destiny, novel, A summer in Fiume