Acasă Articole RTR Eva Mârza, Oltenia – un episod editorial imperial (1718-1739)

Eva Mârza, Oltenia – un episod editorial imperial (1718-1739)


Oltenia – An Editorial Imperial Episode (1718-1739)

The annexation of Oltenia and Banat was the result of the Austro-Turkish war and the Treaty of Passarowitz (1718) signed by the Habsburg Empire. The change of the political situation influenced the Church life as well, even if Oltenia had been under Austrian rule for 20 years but it did not suffer long term changes during this time. The imposition of various reforms similar to those imposed in Transylvania could not be carried out in such a short interval. The Romanian typography from Râmnic was under the auspices of the Bishopric and started its activity even before the Habsburg Empire conquered Oltenia in 1705: scholar and typographer Antim Ivireanu got involved directly in this matter, and typographer Mihai Iştvanovici followed his example. In 1708, Antim was appointed metropolitan in Bucharest where he probably brought the tools needed for a typography. Having the permission from Vienna, bishop Damaschin Dascălu set up a new typography only in 1724. Many books written in Romanian and Slavonic languages were printed in the typography of Râmnic under the bishops’ auspices and having their financial support. During the Habsburg governance, the typography managed to preserve unaltered the traditional Orthodox content of its books, and the imperial and probably virtual patronage upon the book printing was rather sporadically felt.
Keywords: Oltenia, Vienna, printing house, bookhistory, old Romanian books

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