Acasă Articole RTR Estetica vieții cotidiene în filozofia RSR

Estetica vieții cotidiene în filozofia RSR


The Aesthetics of Everyday Life in Socialist Romanian Philosophy

Abstract: The present paper analyses the emergence of a novel field of interest in the philosophical aesthetics of the 1960s in Romania: the aesthetics of everyday life. As such, it first starts by drawing out an overview of the aesthetic discussions in 1950s Romania by closely reading several articles from the main philosophical journal of the period: Cercetări filozofice. In this regard, I focus on two main aspects, namely the theory of reflection, which was the guiding principle of Marxist-Leninist aesthetics, and the theory of the social function of art. Further on I will sketch out how these two aspects defined the main traits of the local aesthetics of everyday life, a topic which took the center fold of aesthetic interest for almost a decade, and which has ever since the early 2000s found renewed interest.

Keywords: design, reflection, socialist realism, commodity aesthetics, industrial aesthetics

Citation suggestion: Ferencz-Flatz, Christian. “Estetica vieții cotidiene în filozofia RSR.” Transilvania, no. 11-12 (2021): 1-11.