Acasă Articole RTR Eso es México…!

Eso es México…!


Eso es México…!

The following article is a review regarding the exhibition Eso es México, hosted by the “Franz Binder” Museum of National Ethnography of Sibiu (division of the ASTRA National Museum Complex) between 27 July – 15 September 2017. The exhibition was curated by three artists from Mexico City, namely Cesar Oropeza, Augusto Quevedo Lara and Isaac Reyes Bravo, under the coordination of Ioana Kirculescu von Kimakowicz; it represents a collection of alebrijes, i.e. multicolured paper sculptures quite traditional in Mexico, the most ambitious of them depicting Quetzalcoatl. The article describes and illustrates the meaning and the tradition of these alebrijes in Mexico.

Keywords: traditional and contemporary Mexican culture, alebrije, Quetzalcoatls, “Franz Binder” Museum