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Elena Tîrziman, Patrimoniu documentar românesc prezent în baze de date europene. Contribuţia Bibliotecii Naţionale a României la biblioteca digitală „Manuscriptorium“


Romanian Documentary Patrimony in European Data Bases.
The Contribution of the National Library of Romania at the „Manuscriptorium” Digital Library

The aim of the “Manuscriptorium” digital library is to provide online access to works part of the written cultural heritage dated before 1800, particularly to manuscripts and old books, as well as to other archival documents (historical documents, administrative documents, maps, etc.). “Manuscriptorium” is the result of the collaboration between digital content providers (libraries, archives) and administrators of digital platforms. Any cultural institution part of the libraries, museums, and archives category which holds documents suitable to be integrated to the digital library and meets the minimum technical requirements can become a partner of the project. The National Library of Romania contributed to the “Manuscriptorium/ENRICH” project with 393 documents, of which 109 (Romanian books) are part of the Special Collections based in Bucharest and the other 284 are part of the “Batthyaneum” Branch in Alba Iulia. Through the “Manuscriptorium” digital library, Romanian documents and collections can also be found in other European databases and digital libraries to which “Manuscriptorium” is an aggregator or digital content contributor.
Keywords: digital libraries, digital content, special collections, manuscripts, old and rare books, online access

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