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Acasă Articole RTR Dublă subordonare. Subalternitate în Platforma lui Michel Houellebecq

Dublă subordonare. Subalternitate în Platforma lui Michel Houellebecq


Double subordination: Subalternity in Michel Houellebecq’s Platform

Abstract: In this paper we explore the exploitation and the discrimination of the feminine other portrayed in contemporary literature as figure of subalternity in the current neocolonial context. Taking into consideration the logic of modernity and that of coloniality as intrisincally interlinked, and the problematics of speaking and acting as a racialized and, at the same time, sexualized woman in the sex industry, we intend to analyse Michel Houellebecq’s Platform from the vantage point of Subaltern Studies in order to showcase how the feminine condition becomes a problem of consciousness and visibility, and how the exploitation of the feminine other is being deepened in a neocolonialist narrative.

Keywords: subalternity, coloniality, neocolonialism, capitalism, sex working, G. C. Spivak, M. Houellebecq, W. Mignolo



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