Acasă Articole RTR Dragoş Varga, Experienţe româneşti ale bilingvismului creator

Dragoş Varga, Experienţe româneşti ale bilingvismului creator


Romanian Experiences of The Creative Bilingualism

The article aims at presenting a few Romanian experiences of the creative bilingualism, starting from Dumitru Chioaru’s study The Creative Bilingualism. The book, thoroughly organized, presents the bilingual experiences of nine Romanian writers, divided into three sections: Between Self-translation and Creative Bilingualism (Dimitrie Bolintineanu, Alexandru Macedonski, Panait Istrati), Avant-garde Experiences of Creative Bilingualism (Tristan Tzara, Benjamin Fondane, Ilarie Voronca, and Gherasim Luca) and Universal Bilingual Writers (Emil Cioran and Eugen Ionescu). The author does not intend to follow their evolution’s entire pathway, insisting on the moment of the shift from Romanian language to French, attempting to discover the reasons and consequences of their expatriation and also the differences brought in their work by the linguistical shift. An important advantage of the study consists in the excellent argumentative approach, exploiting in an intelligent way the biographical and bibliographical detail, relying also on a vast erudition and on a longeval applied and comparative reading experience.
Keywords: Romanian Literature, Creative Bilingualism, Self-translation, Romanian bilingual writers, expatriation


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