Acasă Articole RTR Dorin Popescu, Degradarea „filosofiei“ la Constantin Noica. Maladivităţi postmoderne (I)

Dorin Popescu, Degradarea „filosofiei“ la Constantin Noica. Maladivităţi postmoderne (I)


Degradation of philosophy at Constantin Noica. Postmodern maladies

The main goal of this critical undertake consists in the promotion of vital concepts which can radically modify how Constantin Noica’s work is perceived at the moment.

For now, even after the publication of few hermeneutical integrated analyses, the critical recovery of Noica’s work is delayed and dull, approaching Noica’s conception/creation exclusively as a philosophical one.

Our critical bet is the following: the inherent meaning of the nicasian work is of a proteinic (maximal) nature, composite and lays priority on the literary creation inferences and only subsequently on the discursive inferences.

Our critical demarche seems atypical – few similar analytical assertions are in an incipient stage (e.g. G. Liiceanu).

We hope that our future researches, based on text analysis (mainly on the “pure philosophical” text of C. Noica), will strongly sustain this critical thesis which seems heretic at the moment and will shed the long awaited interpretation on Noica’s work.

Keywords: Constantin Noica, philosophical discourse, language, degradation, proteinic text, border, literature.

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