Acasă Articole RTR Disclaimers




Abstract: Disclaimers are practical expressions of either renunciation or repudiation of interest of self or other, whether they be drawn up as formal clauses or as improvisations (acceptable substitutes). We use them to regulate social interaction by making certain limitations known to parties. Diversity of situations reflects in diversity of expression and means of enforcing such limitations; therein lies disclaimers’ long and luxuriant history in virtually all cultures. Beyond their origin in the permanent need to amend things of practical relevance, their current popularity relates to the impetus of technological progress in communication and to the emerging forms of authorship and literacy.

Keywords: clause drafting; denial/disavowal; disclaim/-er; discourse; ESP; liability; small-print vs large-print text; warning

Citation suggestion: Ungurean, Sorin. “Disclaimers.” Transilvania, no. 11-12 (2021): 134-143.