Acasă Articole RTR Dimensiunea absurdă a existenţei, între originalitate şi manierism

Dimensiunea absurdă a existenţei, între originalitate şi manierism


The Absurd Dimension of Existence, between Originality and Mannerism

Parables whose symbolism is joggling between transparency and hermetism, the proses Lunga călătorie a prizonierului (The Prisoner’s Long Journey) and Noaptea inocenţilor (The Night of the Innocents) made possible comparing Sorin Titel to literary models such as Kafka, Beckett, Robbe-Grillet. These writings are encompassed within the aesthetical category of the absurd through the means of the reference system, the imaginary used (atmosphere, characters whose lameness hint towards identical existences and whose language not only undermines the meaning of communication but also downgrades to the level of unarticulated sounds, a reflex of regression) and the style (similarity to the works of the New French Novel). Regardless the sensation of composition in the shadow of models difficult to imitate without being accused of pastiche, Sorin Titel makes use – in a narrow epic space – of a narrative registry that tends to shape profound aspects of existence. The article deals with the intermingling with the associative models, the limit of imitation and the features that individualize the above mentioned proses – features that impose and support the originality of the parables: concrete and symbolical acuity (vibration in response to the physical pain and emotional trauma); credibility of the monochord atmosphere as echo and metaphor of the inner world; the game between explicit and ciphered details; the science of measuring suspense.

Keywords: character, absurd, New French Novel, parable, tragic farce



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