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Daniel Puia Dumitrescu, Cenaclul de Luni în Arhiva Fond Documentar a CNSAS. Reguli de bază pentru organizarea și desfășurarea cenaclurilor


The Monday Literary Club within the CNSAS Documentary Archive. Basic rules for organizing and developing a literary club.

The Monday Literary Club had a very important role in creating, educating, and shaping what the History of the Romanian Literature calls “Generation ‘80”. In a recent interview, Florin Iaru, one of the first and the most important members of this generation, tells us how he sees the activity and the role of the club within the age, but also the Romanian literature. Based on his opinion, on the one hand, the Monday Literary Club brought together very valuable people and tried to make the most of them, and on the other hand, the communist regime played a very important role in the poets’ life and poetry. I consider the Monday Literary Club very important for the Romanian history, not only from a literary point of view, but also because of its implications at the time, its strength in defending human rights, the freedom of speaking, the mere daily existence of a citizen who wants to express his opinions freely. This paper starts from my Research within the National Security Archives (CNSAS), which regards the communist implication in this literary club’s existence: collaboration notes and very interesting so called “informational” reports regarding the members of this club. It tries to argue how important was, and still is, the activity of the Monday Literary Club during the communist period, but also its literary, historical, and political implications for the time before it was forbidden and after its closure.
Keywords: communism, Security Police, National Security Archives, The Monday Literary Club, literature, poetry, forbidden, human rights, freedom of speaking

  • Arhiva Fond Documentar, Dosar nr. 10784, CNSAS.

  • Arhiva Fond Documentar, Dosar nr. 10966, CNSAS.

  • Arhiva Fond Documentar, Dosar nr. 11119, CNSAS.