Acasă Articole RTR Critica ideologiei în cultura dicționarului

Critica ideologiei în cultura dicționarului


The Critique of Ideology in the Culture of Dictionaries

Abstract: Literary history is still the most successful strategy of systematizing knowledge in Romanian academe and, although the theoretical revolution that took place in literary studies between 1960-1990 did not leave it unscathed, it remains the methodological anchor of every attempt at trying to make sense of the entirety of a specific culture. In this paper I analyze Mihai Iovănel’s new History of Contemporary Romanian Literature and whether it succeeds in revolutionizing (methodologically or in terms of cultural analysis) an old and robust genre of explanation, in an intellectual culture that is otherwise enamored with dictionaries, encyclopedias and all-encompassing narratives of the past.

Keywords: Literary history, Mihai Iovănel, Romanian literature, contemporary literature, postcommunism

Citation suggestion: Bocai, Iulian. “Critica ideologiei în cultura dicționarului”. Transilvania, no. 7-8 (2021): 103-106.