Acasă Articole RTR Gazeta de Transilvania – journal europeén du XIXe siècle

Gazeta de Transilvania – journal europeén du XIXe siècle


„Gazeta de Transilvania“ – European Newspaper of XIX th Century

The first political newspaper of the Romanians in Transylvania entitled « Gazeta de Transilvania » appeared in the media background as a result of a law provided by the Court of Vienne in 1838, which allowed the inhabitants of the above mentioned principality, the right of publishing their own newspaper in their mother tongue. The existence of censorship, on the one hand, and the fact that the authorization has been offered to a Romanian citizen of German origin, (a certain Ioan Gött), on the other hand, can be regarded as sustainable reasons of assuring the Imperial Court that a newspaper written in Romanian could not have represented at that time a serious danger for the political authorities in the region. In those times characterized by the wake of the national consciousness, «Gazeta de Transilvania » contributed to the organization of some actions in view of gaining the religious and civil rights of the Romanians in Transylvania, the final aim being that of the unity of the Romanian national state. Identifying always the editorial formula which allowed it to survive in the media « Gazeta de Transilvania » is the oldest Romanian newspaper from Transylvania, addressing also to the inhabitants of both the Principalities of Romania and Moldavia, being in the same time a newspaper lasting for a century and belonging to the most prestigious archives of the Romanian media.
Keywords: Gazeta de Transilvania, George Bariţiu, media, editorial, predictions, Europe, immigration, scientific researches, social politics

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