Acasă Articole RTR Contemporary cultural consumption – perspectives and challenges

Contemporary cultural consumption – perspectives and challenges


Contemporary cultural consumption – perspectives and challenges

The major aim of the authors is to undertake a reappraisal of the contemporary “story” of the book as an item of culture and commerce, in its transition from print to electronic, in addition to paper versus digital reading; thus having cultural, artistic, economic and technological characteristics. Our goal shall be attained by performing a thorough analysis of the state of reading nowadays, particularly the role of books in promoting cultural diplomacy with particular reference to Cultural Institutes (Romanian Cultural Institute) as facilitators of intercultural communication as well as renown international Book Fairs (e.g. Paris – Salon du Livre, London Book Fair, Frankfurter Buchmesse) enabling not only the survival of the book but also their travel worldwide mediated by literary translations.

Keywords: cultural consumption; cultural institutes; book fairs



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