Acasă Articole RTR Clarice Lispector, Ora stelei: Măști narative și violență textuală

Clarice Lispector, Ora stelei: Măști narative și violență textuală


Abstract: Published in 1977, the year of its author’s death, The Hour of the Star, Clarice Lispector’s last novel, represents one of the best creations of the Brazilian writer. The book describes the poor life of a young woman, but at a deeper level it analyzes the complex relationship between author and reader, but also between authors and their fictional creations, the characters. Rodrigo and Macabéa, the character and the narrative voice in The Hour of the Star play an intricate game of masks, permanently reduplicating perspectives and forcing the reader to decode the meanings of violence (either textual or physical) Lispector describes within the novel.

Keywords: Brazilian novel, Latin American fiction, identity, mask, mirror.

Citation suggestion: Grigore, Rodica. “Clarice Lispector, The Hour of the Star: Narrative Masks and Textual Violence”.Transilvania, no. 3 (2021): 64-72.


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