Acasă Articole RTR Cercetarea unor Proscomisarioane brâncoveneşti

Cercetarea unor Proscomisarioane brâncoveneşti


Researching Brâncoven’s Proscomisarions

The present study examines two church memorial monuments in the Bistriţa Oltenia Monastery site, the first is the Hurezi Monastery, and the second is the depiction of the Apostle Peter and Paul, founded by Father John the Archimandrite, at the end of the century the 17th century (1698). They were designed to record in a solemn form the names of the founders and benefactors of the places of worship founded by them. They are unique historical sources, important for the knowledge of the political and social life of the time, are were used during the service (Acatist, Liturgy, Parastas). They carry testimonies about the historical monuments in the area dominated by the Bistriţa monastery, about the partial restoration, the repairs of the churches, the riches with which the places of worship were endowed in exchange for the mention of time. Their writing is mostly due to priests or monks who were literate, and aware of compositional regulations.

Keywords: Constantin Brâncoveanu, copyists, founders, John the Archimandrite, manuscript, Hurezi Monastery.