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Cătălin Badea, Cum respiră ficțiunea speculativă românească în 2013. Studiu de caz: Dan Doboș


How Romanian speculative fiction breathes in 2013. Case study: Dan Doboş

Dan Doboş is one of the speculative fiction Romanian writers with the debut after 1989. Living in Iaşi, educated in Iaşi, working as a journalist in Iaşi, Dan Doboş developed a steady interest and a personal approach to literature due to the Iaşi literary community in which lecture clubs – especially Opinia Studenţească and Quasar – he read his early writings. Dan Doboş wrote prose for teenagers, comedy for children, but his main efforts were towards creating worlds in speculative fiction after the examples of Frank Herbert’s Dune. After a debut with short stories, between 2000 and 2010, Dan Doboş create the trilogy Aba?ia (The Abbey) who won him many national prizes and European as well as North American recognition amongst the sf fans and critics, with the English version. The Abbey is the most pirated genre book in Romania, written by a Romanian Author. The most recent novel of Dan Doboş, DemNet (2011), is a similar succes. From the stilistic point of view, the writing of Dan Doboş gives great attention on characters development, having a personal note by allowing a scale of ethical problematization, very few of his characters being as sketchy as the paragon of speculative fiction demands. For the evolution of his literary career, for his many firsts, Dan Doboş has an unique place in Romanian speculative fiction in 2013.
Keywords: Romanian speculative fiction, case study, trilogy, building worlds, ethical problematization

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