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Acasă Articole RTR Avangarda revizitată (I)

Avangarda revizitată (I)


Abstract: There is plain filiation between the atmosphere and the general configuration of the movements we call the historical Avant-Garde and the spirit of the revolutionary Romanticism. Literary theorists and critics brought it to the fore, both organically – insofar as the similarities between the two paradigms are spelled out by the dynamics of the history of sensibility and taste – and typologically, in its mythological and thematic redundancies, in reiterating acute polemical gestures and attitudes or in manifesting violence against tradition. This study aims to articulate the artistic and political duality defining these two artistic paradigms, by using comparative evaluation and by illustrating canonical notions such as subject, revolution, progress.

Keywords: Romanticism, Avant-Garde, critical conscience, dehumanization, modernity,progress, revolution, subject.

Citation suggestion: Ilie, Rodica. “Avangarda revizitată (I)”. Transilvania, no. 10 (2021): 74-80.