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Acasă Articole RTR Arhivele romanului românesc și posibilități de digitizare

Arhivele romanului românesc și posibilități de digitizare


The Archives of the Romanian Novel and Digitization Possibilities

The present study assesses the existing archives that gather and preserve in digital versions the Romanian novel published in the 19 th century. Digitalization projects, both in Romania and in Europe, are the main subjects of this research. Adding to this, we share the particular and common experiences of the Astra Data Mining: The Digital Museum of the 19th Century Romanian Novel in terms of the process of digitizing the 157 novels in our corpus. Other details such as the specific editions digitized, the process of selection, as well as any difficulties met along the way are also provided. At the same time, the activities of our project are also corroborated with similar European projects. In order to address our digitization practice, we also explore a theoretical and methodological framework borrowed by Stanford Literary Lab in terms of conceptualizing what the American researchers call ”the published”, ”the archive” and ”the corpus”.

Keywords: Romanian literature, 19th century novel, canon/archive, digital humanities


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