Acasă Articole RTR Anton Adămuţ, Considerazioni su un posto chiaro d’Origene: „De Oratoria“, XXXII

Anton Adămuţ, Considerazioni su un posto chiaro d’Origene: „De Oratoria“, XXXII


Reflections on a spot light of Origen: “De Oratoria”, XXXII

It is Origen’s greatest talent to have known how to combine in On Prayer the literal meaning with the allegorical one as much as it was neces sary. This treatise is one of catechization, reason for which it does not particularly suits the exegesis of allegorical type. What crowns it all is the fact that in few places Origen is more subtle and spiritualized than in On Prayer. That is why it has also been said that Origen’s treatise discovers, more than any writing of his, the depth and warmth of his Christian feelings to such an extend that it is sig ni fi cant for his entire theological thinking, and it is considered as the most successful exegetic work of Origen. Chapters XXXI-XXXII present the so-called “formal re com mendations” regarding prayer and, according to Origen, it is not inap pro priate to present in a more detailed manner the spiritual mood, the behavior that we must have when praying, the place where we should pray, the direction to wards which we must look and the appropriate and chosen time for prayer. From all these recommendations I am particularly interested in direction, which Origen clearly and distinctly presents in chapter XXXII.
Keywords: Origen, Orient, Occident, prayer, direction, Christianity

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