Acasă Articole RTR Anglicisms in Romanian – a barrier to effective communication

Anglicisms in Romanian – a barrier to effective communication


Anglicisms in Romanian – a barrier to effective communication?

Communication, a two-way process where the roles of both the sender and the receiver of the message are equally important, may be hindered by certain factors which act as barriers to its effectiveness. Language with its variations or dialects is among the barriers which must be overcome so that people should be able to understand the exact meaning of the message and the risk of misunderstanding, due to misinterpretation of information, be removed.

The use of jargon which has lately abounded in anglicisms and xenisms is a linguistic barrier to some beneficiaries of different services in Romania, irrespective of the field of activity.

This is the issue the present paper approaches, with direct reference to business where the overuse of anglicisms and xenisms may act as ”noises” that distort the message and render communication inefficient.

Key words: barrier, communication, jargon, anglicisms, xenisms


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