Acasă Articole RTR Andrei Bodiu, O carte mare

Andrei Bodiu, O carte mare


A great book

Andrei Bodiu discusses the most recent novel by Caius Dobrescu, pointing out the originality of the book, its European charachter. Andrei Bodiu’s idea is that Euromorphotikon is a novel of great complexity, debating thems and subjects which are closely connected with Romanian and European problems. The author interrogates , for instance, the problem of sexuality and what happens after the sexual revolution of the 60’s. Andrei Bodiu reads Euromorphotikon as a „great book”, a very important book for the Romanian postmodernism.

Keywords: contemporary Romanian literature, Romanian postmodernism, Caius Dobrescu, Euromorphotikon, novel in rhymes, Romanian and European identitary issues

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