Acasă Articole RTR Ana Selejan, Jurnalul unui poet nemulţumit

Ana Selejan, Jurnalul unui poet nemulţumit


The Diary of a dissatisfied poet

A fragment from a larger study on the diary of the poet Victor Felea (1923-1993), the present contribution presents only a part of the aluvionary thematic structure of the diary (a true document on the destiny of an artist in the totalitarian age), that is: the discontent regarding his own poetry and his precarious social status at that time, poetic projects, theory of poetry, caricature of his colleagues’ literature, critical reception, masters and models. These personal, subjective information are mirrored with the objective image of the literary works, also reflected in other documents.

Keywords: Victor Felea, theory of poetry, socialist realism, poetic sterility, literary models

  • Felea, Victor, Jurnalul unui poet nemulţumit / The Diary of a Discontent Poet, 2000
  • Selejan, Ana, Literatura în totalitarism/ Literature During Totalitarianism, vol. 1-6. Sibiu; Bucureşti, 1994-2000; v. şi ediţia a doua: vol. 1-4, Bucureşti: Editura Cartea românească, 2007-2010