Acasă Articole RTR Alexandru Bucur, Carte românească veche de la biserica din Veştem, aflată în...

Alexandru Bucur, Carte românească veche de la biserica din Veştem, aflată în colecţiile Arhiepiscopiei Sibiului


Old Romanian book from Vestem Church that can be found in Sibiu Archbishop’s Collections

They are important both through their presence as cultural works their spreading, and also as the notes found in some leaves from these collections – that are revealing fragments of less known history / the religions prints show the power of their ancestors’ faith, their love of beauty of aesthetic and usefulness and also the efforts laid down for their acquisition. Being included in a larger and regional area of circulation, the old Romanian books for worship – that belonged to Vestem church until 1978 – are rare spiritual treasures and national values that demonstrate the language and cult unity from the spaces inhabited by the Romanians and the special care of their donators for Church’s endowment with such cultural and art works.
Keywords: Old Romanian Book, church books, handwritten notes, priest, Veştem, Sibiu

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