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Acasă Articole RTR Aleš Šteger, Iartă. Măști și carnavaluri

Aleš Šteger, Iartă. Măști și carnavaluri


Aleš Šteger, Absolution: Masks and Carnivals

Abstract: Often considered one of the most interesting young writers of contemporary Slovenia, Aleš Šteger offers his readers a theatrical vision and he discusses from an original perspective the relationship between identity and alterity. All these aspects are obvious in his novel entitled Absolution (Odpusti – 2014), an excellent and challenging text, well received both by the general public and the literary critics. Set in Maribor, the second city of Slovenia, this novel presents the quest of Adam Bely, decided to find the truth hidden behind a very complex system of masks worn by many of its inhabitants, making up „The Great Orc”, a secret organization meant to control the city and the lives of all people there. The game of masks is complicated once more by the theatrical representation described at length in the last part of the novel, an essential fragment of Absolution, the perfect expression of the meanings of masks and carnival abounding in this extraordinary text.

Keywords: mask, carnival, identity, alterity, contemporary novel, East European literature.

Citation suggestion: Grigore, Rodica. “Aleš Šteger, Iartă. Măști și carnavaluri.” Transilvania, no. 6-7 (2022): 87-91.