Acasă Articole RTR Adriana Bărbat, Istoriile din „Prinţul Ghica“ / 31

Adriana Bărbat, Istoriile din „Prinţul Ghica“ / 31


The histories from „Prințul Ghica”

The study focuses on the historical novel, Prințul Ghica, written by Dana Dumitriu and its aim is to find out the multitude of histories within it .

I identified two concepts as the bases of this novel: ”the second reality” (Camil Petrescu’s concept) and ”psychological realism” (Henry James’concept). Dana Dumitriu applied these two concepts in her historical novel. The modern historical novel, as understood by Dana Dumitriu, stands where literature/fiction and history meet. She recreates (as ”artistical transfiguration”) historical documents through the multiplication of the perspectives and of the histories.

The conclusion of the study is that Dana Dumitriu’s historical novel is at the same time a valuable literary/fictional work and a historical document gathering different histories through different techniques and perspectives.

Key-words: historical novel, psychological realism, history, artistical transfiguration, multiplication of the perspectives

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